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Product of the Month: Brigit Filmer Glyco-Lactic Cleanser Mild

R380 - 200ml

This cosmeceutical cleanser packs a punch when it comes to multi-tasking, it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids which assist in breaking down the protein bonds that link the superficial cells and thereby allowing these cells to be sloughed off, revealing a healthy glowing skin.Read More 


Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month:

April has arrived and it's such a delicious month! The baking heat is starting to break and making way for cooler more comfortable days (In theory… as I'm sure mother nature has a few blazing days up her sleeve). It's such a treat to have an occasion that brings friends and family together and this month has the happy pleasure of hosting Easter. Its also a month of great temptation…Read More

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Easter Mum & Daughter, Cleanse and Peel Deal- R800.00 for two

We have listened to you, this month's deal is the most sought after combination for our gorgeous mother and daughters.Read More


About Us

I think what sets us apart is 'heart'. We all love our beautiful space and the way it's filled, with care, love and laughter. Our amazing patrons are always welcomed 'home' with each visit, and one visit is never enough. Our Brigit Filmer Spa & Skin family are proudly home grown and we are the brain child of Brigit Filmer a local to the upper highway area. For 33 years our Wellness spa has blossomed from a small home based salon, into an outstanding pillar of the spa community, well respected and honest in all that we practice.


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tel:+27 (0)31 767 1668 / (0)31 764 0772 / 087 0861080

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